Amazing K9s

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We’re working on a new project.

The goal is to share the stories of incredible K9s from around the country, while simultaneously partnering with K9 focused non-profits to help support departments in need.

How it works

We’re using K9 Hero Cards to give Amazing K9s the superhero treatment they deserve. Each year, we’ll be connecting with handlers, training groups, and community members around the country to hear the stories of K9s that have accomplished incredible things. We’ll work with the K9s handler to document the story, gather photos of their K9, and turn them into superhero artwork, using our K9 Hero Card design process. Throughout the year, we’ll share their stories on our site and across social media. With each K9’s handler and community sharing the project, we’ll be able to spread awareness of these incredible stories around the country.

Once we’ve documented the K9s’ stories and created their very own superhero artwork, we’ll be building packages of assorted K9 Hero Swag that will feature all the K9s from that year’s project. These packages will be added to our Shopify Store throughout the year. At the end of that year’s project, 50% of proceeds will be donated to a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help support a community in need. The remaining proceeds will help us organize and launch the following year’s edition of the Amazing K9s project.

Who we’re looking for

The more amazing, the better. Maybe your K9 saved your life. Maybe they fought off a grizzly bear. Maybe they were a shelter dog-turned K9, spreading awareness for rescues and working dogs. While we are open to any story, our goal is to bring recognition to K9s that go above and beyond.

How many K9s are being featured?

Each year, the project will look a bit different. This year, we are working with 12 K9s (plus a special bonus).

Which Non-Profit are you working with?

The project will change each year and so will the non-profit. This year, we will be working with Blue Line K9 Project, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are working with the organization to identify communities in need. As this year’s edition of the project comes to a close, we’ll work with them to fund a pressing need of the chosen community.

How do I share a story about an amazing K9?