Hero Chips


We currently offer 43mm-wide, heavy-duty ceramic poker chips. As we expand, more sizes and options will become available. Chip quantities are customizable (minimum orders of 100 chips). The following price lists are examples of common volumes.

  • 100 Count, 43mm Ceramic Chips – $200.00
  • 200 Count, 43mm Ceramic Chips – $310.00
  • 300 Count, 43mm Ceramic Chips – $420.00
  • 500 Count, 43mm Ceramic Chips – $590.00
  • 1,000 Count, 43mm Ceramic Chips – $990.00

All orders to the contiguous United States have a flat shipping rate of 15.00

Example K9 Hero Chips

This gallery features a selection of our K9 Hero Chip designs,

but we can also customize any style from our STYLE OPTIONS GALLERY

What Quality are the Chips?

The 43mm ceramic chips weigh approximately 12 grams, are printed with a custom design on both sides, coated with a scratch-resistant finish, and can display a phrase or slogan, printed around the edge of the chip.

How does it work?

Like our K9 Hero Cards, it all starts with a picture. The general rule is: “the better the picture, the better the results”. We have created a handy, easy to follow, how-to “Photo Guide,” which will help ensure the best possible photos of your partner. Click here to download the photo guide.

Once you send us your picture, we’ll ask for a few guidelines like colors, phrases, shapes, etc. Then, we’ll start designing your chips. You can also reference any of the styles from our K9 Hero Cards, if you’d like a little inspiration.

Will I be able to see a proof of the design before they go to print?

Absolutely. Just like our K9 Hero Cards, each of our chip orders has to receive customer approval before they can be printed.

How long does the order process take?

From the time the chip design is approved, production takes approximately 2 weeks before your order ships. However, factors such as getting a high-quality photo, revisions, and approval can vary in length

How Do I Order?

To order K9 Hero Chips, Trading Cards, Stickers, and Greeting Cards, please click here use our order form.