Our Backstory

In 2018 we met our very first police dog, got our very first K9 trading card, and began the most involved project of our lives – producing an ever-expanding documentary about the incredibly complex world of K9s. Our goal is to bring to light all the fascinating corners of the working dog world that are so often overlooked. The bond, the training, the genetics and breeds, the science behind the skills, and fact that the world of K9 is held up by non-profit organizations and community support. The project is called “Under The Vest” and you can check it out here.

As the documentary expanded and we branched out to other states and communities, we needed to find a way to fund the growing project. So, we started producing K9 Hero Cards for local departments. Word spread and we started getting calls from neighboring regions, then from around the United States. Now, thanks to referrals and the power of social media, we’re able to work with K9 teams across the country.

Why K9 Hero Cards?

“There are a lot of barriers between the police and the community… and how do we break those barriers down? It’s very simple with a dog. Everybody loves a dog.”

Marty Munger, National Association of Professional Canine Handlers

Our goals have always been education, exploring the world of working dogs, and showing the public how K9s protect their communities and keep them safe. What better way to give a dog a voice than with their very own collector cards? If every time a community member meets a K9, and they walk away with a keepsake that tells the dog’s story and creates a connection, it strengthens that bridge.

We’re basically making miniature superhero movie posters for working dogs. That’s pretty solid job satisfaction.

What’s next?

While we’re always working on new ideas and expanding our product selection, we also realized K9 Hero Cards inadvertently became a platform that would allow us to further help the K9 community. So, we’ve partnered with non-profits around the country to give back.

Visit our Giving Back Page to learn more!