Amazing K9s Submission

We’ve partnered with Blue Line K9 Project on a brand new idea – one that will help the K9 community – and we need to hear about your amazing K9s to make it happen.

What’s this about?

The goal is to bring incredible K9s to light, sharing their stories while simultaneously helping to support support K9s and K9 Non-profits around the country.

How do I get involved?

If you and your partner have an incredible story, please send us a message. Maybe they were a shelter rescue-turned working dog. Maybe they fought off a grizzly bear. The more amazing, the better. Give us a little info in the form below and we’ll reach out as soon as we’re able.

At the moment, we are only able to work with K9s in the United States.

(If the number of submissions is way higher than we expect, it may take us a little bit to get caught up, but you’re definitely still on our list.)