Giving Back

As we’ve spent the past years exploring the world of working dogs, it’s become clear how much work goes into funding a K9 unit. While all departments and agencies have to work within budget constraints, smaller and more rural communities often have the hardest time supplying training, protective equipment, medical care, and laundry list of other factors that keep both dog and handler safe and efficient.

In short, a massive portion of the K9 world is held up by non-profits. If you know a police dog, there is a 99% chance something has been donated or fundraised by a non-profit organization on that dog’s behalf.  Since the start of our documentary project in 2018, we’ve worked with and partnered with 501(C)(3)s around the country (we even helped establish a couple of them). Now, with the help of K9 Hero Cards, we’re looking to help support K9s near and far by bringing exposure to incredible dogs, donating a potion of proceeds, and hosting a yearly national-scale campaign to help communities in need.

K9 Swag That Does Good

We host a Shopify store loaded with a growing selection of exclusive K9 designs – all available on clothing, decals, gear, and more. 50% of every purchase from our Shopify store is donated to a K9 non-profit. Each month we work with non-profit on a new need. It could be providing a vest for a dog, a health alarm for a vehicle, assisting with medical costs, supplying food, offsetting training costs, or more. To see who we’re working with each month, be sure to follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

Looking to pick up some K9 Super Hero Swag?

Yearly National Campaign

Each year, we connect with handlers around the country to find K9s with amazing stories. These incredible dogs become part of a unique set of merchandise that is only available during that campaign. 50% of all sales are donated to a selected non-profit, to purchase a big-ticket item. The campaign and the item-in-need differ each time. In addition, we’ll be interviewing each of the handlers and sharing their stories on our site to spread awareness of these amazing K9s around the world.

We are currently working behind the scenes to launch our very first nation-wide campaign. As we get closer to identifying our selected handlers, we’ll announce more details on social media.

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